Natural Leaders Program at RHE
Natural Leaders serve as multi-cultural bridges between students, families, communities, and schools. Research shows students' success is highly correlated with the level of their parent engagement, but immigrant parents face language and cultural barriers that complicate interactions with schools. Natural Leaders are parents who take on leadership roles and learn the skills needed to build relationships with families in their community. They can then connect people to the resources they need. Natural Leaders are a diverse group of resourceful people who love serving at their local schools and in their communities whenever and wherever needed.
More info about the Natural Leaders program can be found here.  For more info about Natural Leaders at RHE please contact




Natural Leaders Calendar - 2019-2020 

Natural Leader Meetings: Tuesday or Thursday from 1:45-3:20pm unless listed otherwise.

  • August 29th Meet & Greet
  • September 17th 9-11am
  • October 24th (Thursday) Guest - Catherine Cruz (Join us for a fun Equity activity!)
  • November 21st (Thursday) 1:45-3:20pm
  • December 10th “Games Around the World” prep 1:45-3:20
  • December 19th “Games Around the World” prep 1:45-3:20
  • January 14th & 23th 1:45-3:20pm (required meetings) Prepare for “Games Around The World”
  • February 4th-(Tuesday) Natural Leaders Training 5:30-8:00pm
  • February 25th (Tuesday) 1:45-3:20pm
  • March 17th (Tuesday) 1:45-3:20pm
  • April 21st (Tuesday)
  • May 29th (Friday) End of year Potluck-Natural Leaders and their families Evening 5:30-7:00pm


We will have our Cut & Chat every month, either Tuesday or Thursday from 1:45-3:20pm - Room #206

Natural Leaders work on teacher production together, it’s a great way to get to know other Natural Leaders while working at school.

  • October 1st (Tuesday)
  • November 7th (Thursday)
  • December 5th (Thursday)
  • January 7th (Tuesday)
  • February 4th (Tuesday)
  • March 5th (Thursday)
  • April 2nd (Thursday)
  • May 5th (Tuesday)
  • June 2nd (Tuesday


Volunteer Events:

  • Walk to School Day Friday, October 4th 8:00-8:50am
  • ”Games Around the World” January 23rd 6-7:30pm Natural Leaders Yearly event
  • ”Cultural Night” April 23rd (Natural Leaders and PTSA are partnering for this event.)
  • Literacy Night- May 7th